Flip That Apartment With Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC

Our crew cleans and repairs on-site apartments for commercial facilities

If you’re a property manager of a storage company, you’re most likely at the facility for most of the day. You work tirelessly to ensure that your clients’ valuable possessions are safe. So, shouldn’t your on-site apartment be clean and available for you, if needed? Our crew at Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC can work magic with our apartment flip services. We’ll make sure your apartment is clean, is in good condition and is stylish enough to live in. 

Fast service and high-quality results with Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC

Whether you want to spruce up the place for yourself, or get the area ready for a new property manager, we can handle the job. Our services include:

  • Repairing drywall
  • Painting the walls
  • Repairing hanging doors
  • Cleaning the apartment

Spruce up your space today with Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC. Call 702-544-5497 to schedule a consultation.