Let Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC Do the Dirty Work

We offer cleaning, plumbing and electrical services for self-storage facilities

As a property manager, you’re busy with daily operations. Therefore, when a water heater fails or an outlet blows, it’s difficult to find time out of the day to take care of these problems. That’s why Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC is here for you. We’re the local one-stop shop for all commercial storage facility maintenance.

Maintain a professional image with Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC

The appearance of your commercial facility says a lot about your business. For example, if you see a storage facility with clean, shiny units, and then another storage facility with stained units or graffiti-covered walls, which one are you more inclined to use to store your valuable belongings? The clean and shiny company, right? You want your facility to have well-maintained units in order to run a successful business. Therefore, make sure you hire Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC to keep your facility spotless. We remove abandoned items in units, repair doors and hinges and clean graffiti and stains from panels.

Our other services include:

  • Repairing or installing plumbing, such as pipes, water heaters and sinks
  • Repairing or installing electrical work, such as lights, ballasts and timer switches
  • Restoring and cleaning on-site apartments for commercial facilities

We have a spotless reputation at Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC

A company is only as good as the work it performs. Preferred Maintenance Co, LLC is dedicated to meeting all the expectations of our clients, so that our reputation shines as much as the areas we maintain. Call 702-544-5497 today and schedule a consultation to discuss your self-storage facility maintenance needs.

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